Hi, I'm Nikolay.

tl;dr: I solve problems with

I'm a trilingual senior Product Manager specialized in building platforms, mobile & web development, cloud computing and big data based out of Munich.

A Software Engineer by trade, in ❤️ with open source software. Let's meet and talk tech!


I occasionally like to write about business and technology. Here are some links.

What’s behind a simple SQL query?
Towards Data Science | Aug 6. 2020

A brief behind the scenes examination of what happens when an app/developer runs a SQL query to fetch data from a PostgresDB database.

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How to build Spark from source and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster in 60 minutes
Towards Data Science | Mar 20. 2020

Get on the hype train for Big Data in Kubernetes with this Spark tutorial

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Big Data
Making big moves in Big Data with Hadoop, Hive, Parquet, Hue and Docker
Towards Data Science | Jan 24. 2020

Jump and run in this brief introduction to Big Data with Hadoop, Hive, Parquet, Hue and Docker.

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Celonis Snap
Quickly understanding process mining by analyzing event logs with Celonis Snap
Towards Data Science | Sep 9. 2019

Get up and running with Process Mining by trying out Celonis Snap and analyzing your first process.

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ELK Stack Spring Boot
A hitchhiker’s guide to Spring Boot, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, PostgreSQL and Docker
Towards Data Science | Jul 10. 2019

Up and running with Spring Boot, Docker and the ELK stack at break-neck speed.

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Deep Learning
On the state of Deep Learning outside of CUDA’s walled garden
Towards Data Science | Jun 05. 2019

The current state of training artifical neural networks on non-CUDA GPUs.

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Android Automotive
On Android Automotive and why Android will "win" while Apple makes all the money in the world
Hacker Noon | Apr 12. 2019

A short deep dive into Android Automotive and how Apple and Google are doing in the new mobility wars.

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On AIaaS, Embedded AI and the AI business models of the future
Motius @ Medium | Mar 21. 2019

A brief intro to how AI business models work and whether your startup could ever potentially break even with AI.

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Work Experience

This is a short intro to what I've been up to lately.

Senior Product Manager - Platform Infrastructure & Data Lake

Celonis SE
October 2019 - present | Munich

PM and Product Owner for 2 teams at Celonis:

- Platform Infrastructure: Dev/GitOps, CI/CD, public cloud infrastructure (US, EU, Russia, Japan & exploring new regions), Kubernetes, monitoring & logging, automation & infrastructure as code, cloud native security, development of internal tooling
- Data Lake: big data, encryption, storage, database migrations, cloud infrastructure

Project Owner for large software engineering projects with personal sales targets and a more strategic role within the company with a direct line to the CEO and CTO. Total managed project volume (10.2017-09.2019) was 1+ MEUR and total acquired project volume (07.2018-09.2019) was 1+ MEUR.

Managing agile software development projects for enterprise clients like BMW, Siemens, Audi and Allianz. Main focus on web and mobile development, increasingly often accompanied by a machine learning stack for chatbots, text mining, gesture recognition etc. There are projects in an early R&D stage with cutting edge tech while others are built and designed as production-ready software.

POs are a mix of Product Manager, Project Manager, and Lead Engineer. Depending on the project, the tasks include: planning and structuring software engineering projects, supporting the team setup by conducting technical interviews and defining the team roles, estimating the project costs during the sales process, leading customer meetings throughout each project, sprint planning, deciding on the right tech stack according to different stakeholder requirements, helping developers by doing code reviews, pair programming etc. and solving all tech issues together with the team along the way.

- Python (Django, Flask), Java (Spring Boot, AWS Lambda), Node.js (Express), ...
- React, React Native, D3.js, ...
- iOS, watchOS & macOS (Swift & Objective-C), Android
- PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, Elasticsearch, ...
- Alexa Voice Service, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson, ...
- Tensorflow + Keras, CoreML, ...
- AWS, Azure, Docker, docker-compose, Kubernetes, OpenShift, fastlane, Hockey, GitLab CI, ...

Worked on a hybrid React Native/Redux mobile app with a Django-based REST backend.
Tech: React Native, Redux, JavaScript (ES6), Python, Django, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap

Researching the strategical impact of digitalization on Compliance in the German Financial Services sector. Specifically looking at emerging technologies like big data, Blockchain (as a ledger system), crypto currencies, machine learning in order to help KPMG's customers, which are going through their digital transformation, to transition without negatively impacting their regulatory compliance.

Worked with the Process and Workflow Optimization team (IT in-house consulting) on building and extending AngularJS apps with SharePoint 2013 as a back-end - further development of an internal project management tool and a project reporting tool, developed an issue & bug tracking app for an internal ERP-Software, helped project team lead with other web development tasks.
Tech: AngularJS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, SOAP etc.

optile is a fintech company, which offers a distributed scalable payments system with 100+ payment methods and processes worldwide. Developed and refactored front-end code for web apps, wrote Confluence docs, used JIRA & Git, made code reviews & charged the technical migration of optile's homepage to WordPress.
Tech: JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, Bootstrap 3, XML, JSP, REST, WordPress etc.

Co-founded a brand for premium handcrafted leather goods and accessories. Responsible for web development, e-commerce, UI/UX. The company got featured in Sueddeutsche Zeitung, TextilWirtschaft and others.
Tech: PHP, Shopware 5, Bootstrap 3, WordPress, WooCommerce etc.

Worked with Telefónica's team that was responsible for O2's social media presence in Germany. Support and community management of the O2 customer forum & realization of small projects (building web widgets, creating forum campaigns etc.); organization of community events (incl. the first official meet-up of forum super users and moderators at the O2 Tower); social media activity & analytics (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)


Studied Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Software Engineering.

M.Sc. Media Informatics
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
2016 - 2017 | Munich

Minor: Business Administration for New Media
Thesis: "A text mining and NLP based approach to exploring the incentives for consumer health wearables" at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media
Learned & worked with: Scala, Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB ...

B.Sc. Media Informatics
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
2012 - 2016 | Munich

Minor: Business Administration for New Media
Thesis: „A systematic literature overview of the different alternatives for integrating third-party software“ at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media - focused on the main differences when purchasing and integrating OTS & OSS software components and APIs
Learned & worked with: Java, C, Python, Haskell, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL ...


From time to time I'll do a course or a certification. Here is a list.

Structuring Machine Learning Projects
Coursera, deeplearning.ai
Feb 2018 - present
See certificate
Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization
Coursera, deeplearning.ai
Dec 2017 - present
See certificate
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Coursera, deeplearning.ai
Dec 2017 - present
See certificate