Hi, I'm Nikolay.

tl;dr: I solve problems with software. Currently on a mission to put Healthcare Systems in the 21st century.

🚀 Founder & CPTO @ Kranus Health | Angel Investor

📝 Forbes Technology Council Member | Contributor @ Towards Data Science & Hacker Noon

🤓 Currently interested in: LLMs in healthcare

🏆 Forbes 30 under 30 Europe (2022)


I occasionally like to write about business and technology. Here are some links.

The Harmonization Of European Digital Healthcare Is A Massive Opportunity For Businesses And Patients
Forbes.com Technology Council Post | Oct 10. 2023

A look into how Europe is making digital Healthcare Systems through regulation.

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On TLS cipher suites and staying sane and compliant with cert-manager and nginx-ingress
Kranus Health Engineering Blog | Nov 20. 2021

A story about staying compliant with TLS cipher suites against various governmental and other third-party security frameworks in the k8s world.

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What’s behind a simple SQL query?
Towards Data Science | Aug 6. 2020

A brief behind the scenes examination of what happens when an app/developer runs a SQL query to fetch data from a PostgresDB database.

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How to build Spark from source and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster in 60 minutes
Towards Data Science | Mar 20. 2020

Get on the hype train for Big Data in Kubernetes with this Spark tutorial

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Big Data
Making big moves in Big Data with Hadoop, Hive, Parquet, Hue and Docker
Towards Data Science | Jan 24. 2020

Jump and run in this brief introduction to Big Data with Hadoop, Hive, Parquet, Hue and Docker.

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Celonis Snap
Quickly understanding process mining by analyzing event logs with Celonis Snap
Towards Data Science | Sep 9. 2019

Get up and running with Process Mining by trying out Celonis Snap and analyzing your first process.

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ELK Stack Spring Boot
A hitchhiker’s guide to Spring Boot, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, PostgreSQL and Docker
Towards Data Science | Jul 10. 2019

Up and running with Spring Boot, Docker and the ELK stack at break-neck speed.

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Deep Learning
On the state of Deep Learning outside of CUDA’s walled garden
Towards Data Science | Jun 05. 2019

The current state of training artifical neural networks on non-CUDA GPUs.

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Android Automotive
On Android Automotive and why Android will "win" while Apple makes all the money in the world
Hacker Noon | Apr 12. 2019

A short deep dive into Android Automotive and how Apple and Google are doing in the new mobility wars.

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On AIaaS, Embedded AI and the AI business models of the future
Motius @ Medium | Mar 21. 2019

A brief intro to how AI business models work and whether your startup could ever potentially break even with AI.

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On a mission to put Healthcare Systems in the 21st century.

Nikolay is the Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO) at Kranus Health, a globally leading player in virtual care for Urology. The company focuses on developing clinically validated therapies for a wide range of indications from Andrology to Uro-Oncology. Together with his Co-Founders, Nikolay's company secured $20M+ in VC funding and achieved a significant 7-figure revenue run rate within its first commercial year. Nikolay has played a pivotal role in scaling Kranus Health to over 70 full-time employees in just over three years. The company holds the rank of #23 fastest-growing startup in Germany, #1 in Healthcare (GlassDollar, 2022) and has been covered in over 40 media outlets (Forbes, Sifted, Business Insider, Bild, Les Échos, Handelsblatt, Esquire, ...)

Nikolay was also awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe recognition in the category Science & Healthcare followed by the Forbes 30 under 30 EMEA conference in Tel Aviv. Additionally, Nikolay is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, providing insights into European digital healthcare harmonization. He is also a contributing writer at Towards Data Science, focusing on technology trends and innovations around AI. He is also active as an Angel Investor in the German startup ecosystem.

Nikolay's career includes past positions such as Senior Product Manager (Platform Infrastructure & Data Lake) at Celonis, one of Europe's most valuable startups. He was also a Tech Executive: Software Engineering (focus: NLP & data mining) at Motius, a deep tech R&D consultancy for large enterprises, where he worked with customers like BMW and Allianz. Prior to that he held internship positions in various roles at KPMG, Siemens, Payoneer Germany, as well as Telefónica Germany.

He holds a M.Sc. degree in computer science from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and he wrote his thesis on "A text mining and NLP based approach to exploring the incentives for consumer health wearables". It all started in boarding school with making websites for friends & family and selling/designing T-Shirt prints. And even prior to that: figuring out how to let bots farm loot in RPG games in primary school.